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healing prostate cancer treatments healing prostate cancer prostate cancer survival
Learn How to Survive Prostate Cancer

If you are facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer you are probably asking:

  • How serious is the prostate cancer?
  • How should it be treated?
  • Can prostate cancer be cured?
  • What side effects could result from various prostate cancer treatments?
  • What additional therapy would be available if the initial treatments failed?
    healing prostate cancer treatments healing prostate cancer prostate cancer survival
In the United States, more than 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Prostate cancer is now the second leading cause of cancer deaths for American men.

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer face a confusing array of possible treatments - radical prostatectomy, conventional radiation, cryosurgery, brachytherapy, proton beam therapy, watchful waiting, and more. 

Medical professionals may have conflicting opinions, and making the wrong choice can be deadly:

"My best pal in grade school died from prostate cancer a few months after I was diagnosed. His choice had been watchful waiting as his doctor had told him that he would probably die of something else before the prostate cancer could take its toll. Unfortunately he had a very fast growing cancer; it quickly spread, and he was dead within two years of his diagnosis."
    - George Goulet, Prostate Cancer Survivor
Cancer survivors recommend researching all your options, however, there are literally thousands of pages of research documents about prostate cancer on the Internet and in print. 

When diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion, prostate cancer can be healed. If you don't have time to waste, Prostate Cancer Treatment and Healing is for you. In this e-book (a file you read on your computer) you will quickly learn about your options for treating and healing prostate cancer. 

The authors of this guide are a husband and wife research team who are not medical professionals but have personally experienced diagnosis, treatment, and healing of prostate cancer (see box at right for more information). The authors conducted extensive research which included:

  • speaking with numerous doctors and other medical professionals
  • hearing the personal experiences of dozens of cancer patients including many prostate cancer survivors across North America
  • viewing and listening to many hours of video tapes and audio cassettes about prostate cancer 
  • reading thousands of pages of written information about prostate cancer (books, medical journals, webpages, pamphlets, articles, etc.)

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This guide covers topics of vital importance to anyone facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer, including: 

Information About Prostate Cancer

  • The prostate gland and changes after age 40
  • Likely causes of prostate cancer
  • Who is more likely to get prostate cancer
  • Symptoms of prostate cancer
  • Prostate tests and diagnosis, including:
    • Which men should get a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test
    • A potentially lifesaving test that some doctors neglect to tell patients about
    • The probability of prostate cancer based on test results
    • What besides prostate cancer can cause an abnormal reading
    • How often tests should be performed
    • What happens during a biopsy
    • What CAT scans, MRIs, and PET scans can tell
  • The stages of prostate cancer
  • Measuring the potential aggressiveness or rate of growth of prostate cancer
  • What anyone diagnosed with prostate cancer should insist on knowing

"A cancer specialist who is consulted in one's own community will have a natural inclination to feel that his specialty or interest is the best treatment option - a surgeon will tend to favor surgery, a radiologist to favor radiology, etc."

Prostate Cancer Treatments

Because some doctors have a bias about which prostate cancer treatment to recommend, this part of the guide clearly explains your various options for prostate cancer treatment to help you make an informed decision.

  • Descriptions of prostate cancer treatments:
    • Radical prostatectomy (radical surgery)
    • Conventional external beam radiation therapy
    • Conformal proton beam radiation therapy
    • Combined proton and photon treatments
    • Brachytherapy
    • Cryosurgery
    • Watchful waiting
    • Interstitial microwave therapy
    • Hormonal therapy
    • Orchiectomy
    • Complementary medicine
    • High intensity focused ultrasound
    • Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
    • Transurethral resection of the prostate
  • Which prostate cancer treatments you should beware of, including:
    • Which prostate cancer treatments are likely to cause horrendous side effects such as incontinence, impotence, nausea, depression, numb penis, enlarged breasts, etc.
    • A form of medical castration which patients with early stage prostate cancer should not use
    • Which prostate cancer treatment has been compared to playing Russian roulette
    • Which treatment requires you to avoid contact with pregnant women and young children for up to 12 months after treatment because emissions from your body could harm them

    • healing prostate cancer treatments healing prostate cancer prostate cancer survival
  • A detailed description of the recommended prostate cancer treatment (proton beam therapy) which...
    • allows you to continue enjoying your usual activities including spending time with loved ones, work and recreation
    • has minimal side effects 
    • is painless
    • is accepted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Medicare program 
    • is fully covered by many U.S. health insurance plans and HMOs
    • is likely to save your life if you have early stage prostate cancer or could prolong your life if your prostate cancer is advanced
    • is not well known and therefore may not even be mentioned as a possible treatment by your doctor
  • A step-by-step description of what happens during proton beam therapy, including the author's personal experiences with the treatment

"Almost invariably the patient is able to continue with his usual affairs before and after treatment each day including working, golfing, hiking, touring, and other activities."

PLUS, you will discover:

  • A condition that can appear to be prostate cancer
  • A condition that some physicians believe is a possible sign of future prostate cancer
  • Two things that can make PSA levels appears to be much lower than they actually are
  • What you should know before agreeing to participate in a prostate cancer clinical trial (an experimental study)
  • Top resources for further research about prostate cancer (books, websites, articles, pamphlets, tapes, agencies, and cancer associations)
  • Potential biases in medical journals and news stories about prostate cancer
  • A glossary of prostate related terms to help you communicate with medical professionals
  • Diet and lifestyle matters that can contribute to the onset of prostate cancer and have an impact on healing prostate cancer
  • Finding a prostate cancer support group
  • Prostate cancer treatment (proton beam therapy) that will allow you to continue with a normal sex life
  • And more
healing prostate cancer treatments healing prostate cancer prostate cancer survival
The information in this guide can save you many valuable hours of research time, help you avoid potentially devastating side effects, and possibly even save your life. It gives you the information you need to make an informed decision about treating and healing your prostate cancer.

BONUS: Download the guide and receive a free bonus e-book, On Eagles' Wings: A Couple's Personal Journey with Prostate Cancer, by George and Terry Goulet. In this uplifting bonus publication they share their personal experiences from first hearing the news, through challenges they faced, and ultimately triumphing over prostate cancer.

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healing prostate cancer treatments healing prostate cancer prostate cancer survival
147 pages

Click here to read the free e-book now.

Why Is This Free?

This e-book is being given free by FabJob.com and by the authors, our parents George and Terry Goulet, to help men diagnosed with prostate cancer. We are not selling anything related to prostate cancer treatment. We're giving this guide away to reduce suffering and save lives. We're grateful we've had another 10 years already with our Dad, and we wish the best for you too.
- Tag and Catherine Goulet, Founders of FabJob.com


"Usually prostate cancer victims learn they have the disease without prior warning. It comes as a shock and the immediate reaction is 'I have cancer - get it out of me'. Because prostate cancer can be treated in a variety of ways with differing side effects, the victim gets more confused by conflicting medical advice. Reading this book will bring the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient much closer to arriving at a decision that is right for him."
- R. Hope, a side-effects free, fully recovered survivor of prostate cancer, Victoria, B.C.
Meet the Authors healing prostate cancer treatments healing prostate cancer prostate cancer survival
George Goulet, a retired lawyer, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November, 2000. Today, more than a decade later, he is a prostate cancer survivor who has been healthy since completing treatment in March, 2001. George's wife and co-author, Terry Goulet, is a retired book editor and former medical librarian who was with George on his journey of treatment and healing. They are giving this e-book free through FabJob (a publishing company owned by their children) to help others diagnosed with prostate cancer. Click here to read the free e-book now.

"By reading your manuscript I have relived a critical time in my life - a time that could have been immeasurably helped if I would have had the benefit of your long hours of research and easy to understand narrative. 
   The book should most certainly be hailed as an important addition to the 'must read' list for the thousands of men annually diagnosed with prostate cancer. You humanize the sometimes cold science that so many of us experienced when we talked with our doctors, read what was available in the library, and spent endless hours on the web in search of medical guidance. 
   I have talked with many men in different parts of the country who would have benefited greatly by finding in a single publication the range of treatment information you cover. Congratulations on your good work that will help many."
- Herbert Seltz
retired Professor of Communications, University of Indiana

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Prostate Cancer Treatment and Healing covers prostate cancer treatments and gives advice for healing prostate cancer.