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Start a Wedding Photography Business
or Portrait Photography Business

How to Start a Photography Studio

Imagine having a high-paying career that lets you use your creativity to take photographs of people, recording forever their images and special wedding memories. Welcome to the exciting world of the professional photographer.

When you become a professional photographer and start your own photography business you will have freedom, flexibility, and independence.

As a photography business owner, you can work in an indoor studio, or you can choose to shoot photographs at peoples' homes, event locations, or outdoors. You might even have your own home-based studio.

When you start a photography business, you will have many career options. In the FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer you will discover how you can start your own photography business and succeed in the popular and profitable areas of portrait photography and wedding photography.

When you think of portrait photography, you may be inspired by the work of celebrity photographers like Annie Liebovitz, or the heartwarming sleepy infants of Anne Geddes (click on the photo below to order an Anne Geddes book from Amazon).

Or perhaps you admire the photojournalistic style of star photographer Denis Reggie, who has been called "America's premier wedding photographer" by American Photo Magazine and "the best in the business" by Oprah Winfrey.
Your own unique style of photography will be your greatest asset in the photography business.
As a professional photographer with your own portrait and event photography business you could offer all types of photography services, or you might choose to specialize in the types of photographs that you most enjoy taking. For example, your photography business could choose to offer photography services such as:
  • family portraits
  • wedding photography
  • headshots for models and actors
  • portraits of business executives
  • high school graduation photos
  • photographs of pets
  • portraits of children
  • pregnancy photography
  • baby photos
  • photos for real estate agents
  • glamour photography
  • special event photography (e.g. anniversary parties, birthdays, religious ceremonies, private parties, etc.)
  • home and business photography
Professional photography is a great business to get into right now. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the studio photography business will continue to grow over the next ten years. With more inexpensive and user-friendly digital cameras hitting the market every day, there's never been a better time to become a professional photographer and start a photography business.

As long as you have the desire, you can become a professional photographer and start your own photography business.

Of course, it takes hard work, creativity, and good business sense to achieve success as a professional photographer, but you can break into this career and start your own photography business much more quickly and easily with the FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer.

This powerful how-to guide offers insider tips and expert career advice from successful professional photographers including:

  • Michelle Valberg, a celebrated photographer whose work has appeared in In Style magazine
  • Mike Copeman, an official photographer at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics
  • Award-winning studio and wedding photographers Anthony Cava and Frank Cava
This is not just another guide to taking better photographs (although it does include many excellent resources if you want to improve your photography skills). In this e-book you will discover how to become a professional photographer, start a photography business, open a photography studio, and get paid to take photographs of people and weddings.

The guide covers topics of vital importance if you want to become a professional photographer and start your own wedding or portrait photography business in the United States or Canada, plus helpful advice for starting a photography business in any country. It includes:

Taking and Selling Professional Photographs

  • Types of photography you may choose to specialize in, both in studio and on location
  • The pros and cons of digital versus film, and advice on which to choose for your photography business
  • How to conduct an initial consultation with clients of your photography business
  • Bringing out the best in people, including:
    • Tested-and-true techniques for taking great photographs of children
    • How to help adults feel less self-conscious during photography sessions
    • Effectively working with brides and their families on the wedding day
  • The industry standards for different types of headshots
  • What you need to know about wedding photography
    • Questions to ask the bride and groom before the wedding (plus questions they are sure to ask you)
    • A list of the typical must-have images for any wedding
    • How and when to take formal wedding portraits
    • Being ready to capture candid moments

  • Preparing and presenting photographs that sell
    • Digital editing and how it can help you sell more photographs (plus why too much editing can hurt your bottom line)
    • Arranging a viewing session or posting photographs online (and what may be better suited to your market)
    • A variety of fulfillment options for photography prints and albums
    • Accessories you can add on to your orders
  • Setting the prices for your photography business
    • Charging session fees and day rates
    • Selling enlargements
    • Creating packages that sell more prints
    • Adding value with additional services
    • A comparison of basic vs. premium wedding photography packages
    • Popular options for portrait packages
Building Your Skills as a Professional Photographer
  • A list of essential skills you'll need to succeed in your photography business (and how to develop them)
  • Education and training options for photographers, including certificate programs, workshops, correspondence and online courses
  • The best resources to teach yourself basic and advanced photography without going to school
  • Where to get valuable feedback about your photography
  • How to get hands-on experience as an assistant or second shooter
  • Where to get your first images for your portfolio
  • Tips for honing your creative skills and staying fresh
How to Start a Photography Business
  • Where to find a free sample photography business plan
  • Choosing a name for your photography business
  • Choosing the best location for your photography business
  • Photography equipment and supplies for your photography business
    • Major manufacturers and typical costs
    • Criteria and resources to help you compare and choose
    • Determining the lighting requirements for your photography business
    • A checklist of supplies for a wedding photography business
    • A primer on studio equipment (including the least you need to buy for your photography business)
  • Determining your start-up costs (and how to start a photography business on a tight budget)
  • A list of photography studio franchises you can consider
  • Insuring your photography business (including special advice about liability)
  • Advice on copyrighting your work
  • Workflow strategies for your photography business including scheduling clients, managing your time, and storing photographs
  • The # 1 reason why photography studios go out of business, and how you can avoid it
Getting Clients for Your Photography Business
  • Defining what will motivate your target market
  • Developing marketing materials for your photography business
    • How to create a portfolio of your photographs (both physical and digital)
    • Business cards, brochures, and promotional items
    • Designing the website for your photography business
  • When and where advertisements for your photography business will work best
  • A list of online photography directories you can get into
  • Getting free publicity for your photography business to keep your marketing budget low
  • When and where you should send a press release about your photography business
  • How to arrange a "portrait party" to land new clients for your photography business
  • The absolute best way to get new business when you start a photography business, and how to use it to attract:
    • Wedding photography clients
    • Portrait photography clients
    • Headshot photography clients
    • Business photography clients
  • How professional photographers can make big sales at trade shows, including how to choose the right shows and design a booth that will help you get attention
PLUS, you will discover:
  • What to include in the client contract for your photography business
  • Bonus information on how to become a cruise ship photographer
  • What to wear to weddings and at your studio
  • The best resources, including magazines and professional associations, to learn more about the photography industry and to help you start your photography business
  • Valuable samples and templates to help you become a professional photographer and start a photography business
  • And more!
You can have all this and more for an incredible price. It can cost hundreds of dollars to take courses on starting a business, and chances are they will not include specific information about how to start a photography business. The FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer contains some of the best business advice you could get from other sources, plus more.

The information in the professional photographer guide can save you many hours of research, help you avoid some costly mistakes, and give you information you need to become a professional photographer and start a photography business.

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If you believe you deserve to have the career of your dreams, this guide is for you. It gives you what you need to know to become a professional photographer and start your own photography business.

Don't miss the opportunity to have the career of your dreams. If you are undecided, take advantage of our guarantee. Buy the guide to become a professional photographer, read it, and if you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded.

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An e-book is an electronic book which you can immediately read on your computer. It includes photos and you can adjust the type size to make it as pleasant to read as possible. You can also print a copy from your own computer. donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each guide to planting trees and protecting the world's rain forests.

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Satisfaction guarantee: We are so confident that the photography business guide can help you achieve your dreams, we will give you a refund if you decide within 30 days of purchase that you are not satisfied with the information contained in the guide. Start your own photography business now. is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Publishers - Book in Calgary AB


127 pages
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Availability: You can have the e-book within minutes. Ordering is fast, easy, and safe. (Also available on CD-ROM.) was featured in Woman's World Magazine ("Land Your Dream Job" article).

"The FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer will teach you the steps to take to turn your photography talent into a successful business. The information, resources and advice offered on these pages will save you hundreds of hours of research, so that you can start a photography business start earning money from your photography skills more quickly."
- Brenna Pearce, Editor

"Many people dream of taking pictures for a living, but have no idea how to start up a photography business and make it a success. This unique resource, the FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer, shows how anyone can turn their photography talent into a successful business."
 - Jennifer James, Photography Guide Author

"When I used to have a job - a real job, working as a boilermaker - there were times I used to dread Monday mornings. Since I started working as a photographer, I never had another day like that. Working for yourself is scary at first, but the gratification is unlike anything else in this world." 
Mike Copeman, professional photographer
Mike is one of the professional photographers who give advice in the FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer to help you become a professional photographer and start your own photography business.


"I was happily surprised to see how easy it was to apply the FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer to ANY type of photography! This is my best educational investment yet."
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"I just ordered the Guide to Become a Professional Photographer and I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. I found it very informative and very well written. In the past I have bought books and guides from other websites, but yours seems to have it all and it's easy to read. Thank you and congratulations."
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Discover how to become a professional wedding photographer and start your own wedding photography business. The FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer explains how to become a professional portrait photographer or professional wedding photographer, how to start a wedding photography business, and open a photography studio.