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Become a Mystery Shopper
and Get Paid to Shop

Imagine getting paid to shop for new clothes, dine at popular restaurants, watch movies, play golf, or take your family to an amusement park. You can when you become a mystery shopper.

By becoming a mystery shopper, also known as a secret shopper, you can earn money and have fun while getting free products and services for yourself and your loved ones.

When you become a mystery shopper, you will pose as a typical shopper so you can give companies feedback about their employees' customer service, sales ability, product knowledge, procedures, and professionalism. 

Have you ever received poor customer service and wished you could have done something about it? When you become a mystery shopper you will actually get paid to tell companies what you think about the service you received!
Mystery shopping lets you get paid to do the things you love. Mystery shoppers are hired to do all of the following. Which ones can you imagine yourself getting paid to do?
  • Shopping for new clothes at stores like The Gap, Macy's, Old Navy, Banana Republic and other top retailers
  • Dining with your family or friends at restaurants like Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, McDonalds, Black Angus, Outback, Burger King and other popular restaurants

  • Going golfing, or enjoying a fun-filled trip with your family at a Disney resort, Six Flags, or other family attraction
  • Shopping online and getting paid to give your opinion about web sites
  • Watching the latest movies (and even getting free popcorn)
  • Shopping at a variety of other businesses, such as:
    • book stores
    • car dealers
    • department stores
    • electronics stores
    • grocery stores
    • health clubs
    • home decorating stores
    • ice cream shops
    • jewelry stores
    • toy stores
When you become a mystery shopper you often get to pick the time and day you want to do your shopping. Mystery shoppers can earn a good part-time income of $10 to $40 per hour, or you can work full-time and potentially earn up to $50,000 or more per year. The more you want to shop, the more money you can make.

If becoming a mystery shopper sounds like the career of your dreams, the FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper is for you! In the mystery shopper e-book you will discover how you can get started and succeed in an exciting career as a mystery shopper.

Guide author Lauren Morgan has worked as a mystery shopper, retail manager, and as a manager hiring mystery shoppers. In this guide she shares with you her own experiences as well as insider tips and expert advice from other successful mystery shoppers and owners of some of the world's leading mystery shopping companies.

The FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to become a mystery shopper, including:

Getting Ready to Become a Mystery Shopper

  • Identifying experience you already have that can help you become a mystery shopper and get hired
  • 4 important skills that can give you an advantage over other applicants for mystery shopper jobs
  • Mystery shopping educational programs (and how to educate yourself to become a mystery shopper)
  • How to get certified as a mystery shopper
  • How to do a mystery shopping job, including:
    • How to prepare for a mystery shopping assignment
    • What to look for when shopping as a mystery shopper
    • How to remain anonymous while shopping as a mystery shopper
    • Tips to help you avoid common mistakes in mystery shopping
    • A sample complete mystery shopping assignment report (so you can see the types of questions you'll be given, and the type of answers mystery shopper companies expect from you)
    • How to keep the mystery shopping jobs coming, get better assignments, and increase your pay as a mystery shopper
Getting Hired as a Mystery Shopper
"The biggest mistake potential mystery shoppers make is applying to every mystery shopping company they can find. If you check any Internet search engine, you will see that there are hundreds of these companies. A new shopper could literally spend eight hours a day, every day, applying to shopping companies, and get no work for their efforts."

In the FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper you will get much more than a list of mystery shopping opportunities. You will get valuable information about which mystery shopping companies are reputable, and which ones are considered the best to work for. You will also discover:

  • Types of opportunities for mystery shoppers:
    • Working as an independent contractor
    • Getting a full-time job as a mystery shopper
    • Online mystery shopping
    • Enhanced mystery shopping (using a hidden camera)
  • How to find job opportunities when you become a mystery shopper (plus how to get notices of mystery shopping opportunities delivered to your email - free)
  • How to apply to a mystery shopping company
    • How mystery shopper companies prefer to receive applications
    • Choosing companies to apply to
    • How to make your application stand out from the hundreds of other mystery shopper applications that mystery shopping companies receive every week
    • How to make a great impression in a mystery shopper job interview
  • How to get the "schedulers" to choose you for mystery shopping jobs
  • How to select assignments to make as much money as possible when you become a mystery shopper
  • Tips on getting paid as a mystery shopper
  • Direct links to over 50 reputable mystery shopping companies to get you started so you can become a mystery shopper
  • The top mystery shopping companies for mystery shoppers
BONUS: The guide also explains how you can get hired for 4 exciting jobs related to shopping, including displaying merchandise in stores and giving companies feedback on new products. You can have all this and more for an incredible price. It could cost thousands of dollars to get the products and services that you can get free when you become a mystery shopper.

The FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper contains the best career advice you could get from other sources, plus much more. It can save you many hours of research, help you avoid costly mistakes, and give you information you need to break into mystery shopping. The specific advice this guide offers you can make the difference between getting hired and not getting hired.

Most FabJob guides sell for up to $29.97 U.S. for an e-book alone. SPECIAL OFFER: If you buy the mystery shopper guide today, Sunday, November 23, 2014 you can have this valuable insider information for the incredible price of only $14.97. (This is a one-time only fee. There is no monthly fee.) You can earn back the price of the FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper with your first mystery shopping job. Plus this guide could help you get hired much more quickly.

If you believe you deserve to have the career of your dreams, this guide is for you. It gives you what you need to know to become a mystery shopper.

Don't miss the opportunity to have the career of your dreams. If you are undecided, take advantage of our guarantee. Buy the mystery shopper guide, read it, and if you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded.

Ordering is fast, easy and safe, and your privacy is protected. You will receive your mystery shopper guide within minutes. You do not have to join anything to get access to this valuable information. You pay only a one-time charge of $14.97.

An e-book is an electronic book which you can immediately read on your computer. It includes photos and you can adjust the type size to make it as pleasant to read as possible. You can also print a copy from your own computer. donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each guide to planting trees and protecting the world's rain forests.

Bonus CD-ROM Also Available: If you would like to have a back-up or spare copy of the guide, you can have it on CD-ROM for only $5 more (plus $5 shipping). You will also receive the e-book so you can read it immediately.

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Satisfaction guarantee: We are so confident that this guide can help you achieve your dreams, we will give you a refund if you decide within 30 days of purchase that you are not satisfied with the information contained in the guide. Discover how to become a mystery shopper now. is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Publishers - Book in Calgary AB

FabJob publishes an e-book about mystery shopping as a career. We do NOT hire mystery shoppers.
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"I have received many freebies - free meals, clothing, car servicing, etc. I even received a free $250 pair of prescription glasses when evaluating an eye care provider!
   Aside from the pay and flexibility, working as a mystery shopper is a fun and fulfilling career with plenty of variety. Every assignment has been challenging and interesting. I have felt personal satisfaction and pride in realizing that I am helping to improve customer service standards and shopping experiences in my own neighborhood."
- Lauren Morgan
Mystery shopper
Vancouver, B.C.

"I would definitely recommend FabJob to anyone interested in becoming a mystery shopper. I had previously purchased 2 other books on the topic as well as attended a class and obtained my gold certification. I felt the guide that I downloaded from FabJob gave me the most practical information. It is well written, concise and gives you a plan of action. It is full of links to valuable resources that are helpful in obtaining jobs. I have to say, I was skeptical when I first saw the download offer, but I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad that I did. I know that it will more than pay for itself in terms number of shops, as well as, quality of my reports."
- Lisa Young
Sugar Land, TX

"I recently purchased your Mystery Shopper's Guide and it has been a wealth of information. Although branching out to become a mystery shopper is a big step for me, I feel confident I will succeed at it primarily because of this guide. Having had no prior knowledge of this profession, I especially appreciate the author's true and vivid accounts of "shop" events which allowed the reader to visualize the do's and don'ts of mystery shopping. With a newfound confidence and a handy guide to reference, I look forward to making my mark on the mystery shopping map."
- Tracey Harding
Suitland, Maryland

"Already working as a Mystery Shopper I was not certain if I would benefit from the information in the FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper, however due to curiosity and the hope that I would learn something new I ordered the guide a month ago.
The guide listed a number of additional companies that I was not familiar with yet. I applied to a few of them one of the companies gave me an assignment the very next day.
Since then I have received another six assignments from one of the companies listed."

- Kary Bey
New York, NY

"Make more money.
Look to your strengths to come up with ways to make extra money at"

- From the "2008 Money & Investing Guide," by Tamara E. Holmes, Essence Magazine, January, 2008

FabJob Guides have been featured in stories at The Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine sites

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If you want to learn how to become a mystery shopper, the FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper can help you become a mystery shopper, get started in a mystery shopping career and, and get hired as a mystery shopper or secret shopper.