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The Metis - Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities
The Metis - Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities

This book provides an insightful picture into the history, heritage and culture of the Metis people.  It brings to life many of their fabulous feats and magnetic personalities.  This book is for you if

  • you are a high school or university student, teacher or professor interested in or teaching about the Metis; or 
  • you are a Metis who wants to know more about your own history, heritage and culture; or 
  • you represent a Metis organization or community that wants to enrich your membership's knowledge of their history from before the origins of the Metis Nation two hundred years ago to the present day; or 
  • you want to discover momentous events and fascinating personalities that are the cornerstone of this unique indigenous people. 
In discussing the Metis people, this book describes:
  • the term Metis; 
  • the genesis of the Metis Nation; 
  • Metis symbols including their flags, historical clothing, sash, Red River cart, and the Red River jig; 
  • good times and other topics such as weddings, dances, food, festivals and other matters. 
Memorable events in Metis history are vividly portrayed including:
  • the Battle of Seven Oaks; 
  • the buffalo hunt; 
  • Red River Expedition to the disputed Oregon Country; 
  • the fur trade, free trade and the Sayer Trial; 
  • the Battle of the Grand Coteau; 
  • the Red River Resistance; 
  • the North-West Uprising; 
More recent happenings described in this book include:
  • the re-birth of the Metis people after their dispersion; 
  • current Metis organizations and associations; 
  • constitutional and government recognition; 
  • the Supreme Court decision in the Powley Case. 
Some of the memorable Metis personalities that have been profiled in this book are:
  • Cuthbert Grant, the premier Metis leader in the early 19th century; 
  • James Sinclair, activist and adventurer; 
  • Louis Riel, the Metis icon; 
  • Pierre Delorme, politician and activist; 
  • Gabriel Dumont, the great buffalo hunter and military strategist; 
  • Harry Daniels, a 20th century Metis crusader; 
  • Senator Thelma Chalifoux, the current Metis matriarch. 
Readers of The Metis - Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities will discover fascinating sagas and facts concerning the classic Metis people from their genesis to contemporary times.  They will learn of how the Metis Nation developed and of the remarkable impact and the colorful dimension that this unique aboriginal people have had on the history of Canada.

This book contains specific reference sources at the end of each chapter, a bibliography, a list of important dates in Metis history, and an index.

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The Metis - Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities
336 pages

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"This new book by George and Terry Goulet is one of the best comprehensive overviews available on Metis history. It's an excellent reference on all things Metis - easy to read and very well organised. The authors combine good narrative writing with historic detail. As an introduction to Metis history, or for those intent on finding out more about the origins of our people, this book is recommended."
- From a book review by Virginia Barter in Metis Voyageur (Fall, 2007)

"The Metis - Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities" covers a full range of Metis history, until now some of these persons and events have not been widely known. The book is accessible to all. It will make the Metis reader proud of their heritage and all Canadians proud of their Metis compatriots.

- Lawrence J. Barkwell, Author and Editor of Metis Legacy (Pemmican Publications 2001)

"I urge any person who is Métis or interested in real Canadian History - buy, borrow or acquire by any means this book; in my opinion this book should be in every school library as a reference book."
 - A Proud Métis
Richard Lucier-larson,
Hand Hills Métis Correspondent

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About the Authors

Praise for the authors' previous book The Trial of Louis Riel, Justice and Mercy Denied

"George Goulet ... has brought polish and wisdom to the classic tale of Louis Riel."
- Metis Voyageur

"The Trial of Louis Riel is an impressive new and essential guide to the Riel affair. This book offers readers a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects of the case, which until now have been skimmed over by historians. The book also proves that Riel was the victim of the government of John A. Macdonald." 
- Martin Bisaillon, M.A., Historian and Researcher

"Many thanks for your ground breaking work." 
 - David G. Doyle, Political Scientist and Author

"... your study of the Louis Riel trial ... I have found it to be quite captivating."
 - Hon. J. W. McLung
Justice of Appeal, Alberta

The Goulets' books are in numerous libraries across Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada library. This book is also used as a text by three universities -- Winnipeg, Brandon, and Regina -- in Metis studies courses.


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