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Features More than 101 Dream Jobs

Discover Your Dream Career
and How to Quickly Break In

"Craving a new job? How about a totally new career path? Think your dream job is too farfetched? Think again. Tag and Catherine Goulet founded FabJob.com, a web site that offers insider info on breaking into hundreds of jobs. Look for their book Dream Careers."
Woman's Day Magazine
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Imagine having your dream job. You can discover how to make your career dream come true in the new book Dream Careers: How to Quickly Break into a Fab Job! by Tag and Catherine Goulet.

This fun and practical book will help you have your dream career:

  • if you know what your dream career is 
  • if you are having difficulty choosing among several careers, or 
  • if you have no idea which career you should choose.
Dream Careers describes 101 dream jobs and offers step-by-step advice to help you quickly break into your dream career. It covers:

Part 1 - Discover

In this part of the book you will get advice to help you find a dream job that's ideal for you. Tag and Catherine act as your facilitators, asking you questions, giving you advice, and providing fun and insightful quizzes to help you identify your dream career.

    Chapter 1.  Where Are You Now? 
    How to determine if you are ready for a new career.

    Chapter 2.  Where Have You Been?
    How it can help you find your dream job

    Chapter 3.  What Do You Want?
    How to narrow down your career choices

    Chapter 4.  What Is Holding You Back?
    How to overcome whatever is keeping you from your dream job

Part 2 - Choose

If you want to consider a variety of career options, in this part of the book you can learn about 101 dream jobs that people dream about having. You will get an introduction to each career, with information about:

  • What people in the dream job do
  • Who is likely to succeed
  • How to learn the job
  • What it pays
  • Resources for learning more about dream jobs
To select the dream jobs for this book two questions were asked: 
    (1) Which dream jobs have the millions of visitors to FabJob.com told us they most want to break into? 

    (2) Which dream jobs can you break into quickly (without going back to school for a degree)?

The dream jobs are organized into the following chapters: 
    Chapter 5.  Entertainers
    Dream jobs in entertainment

    Chapter 6.  Creatives
    Dream jobs for creative people

    Chapter 7.  Merchants
    Dream jobs running your own business

    Chapter 8.  Relators
    Dream jobs working with people (and their animals)

    Chapter 9.  Brains
    Dream jobs for critical thinkers

    Chapter 10.  Movers
    Dream jobs for people who make things happen

At the end of each chapter, a detailed How to Break In section offers advice on how to break into all the dream jobs in the chapter and in those fields. For example, the How to Break In section of the Entertainers chapter explains, among other things, how to get professional photos, how to create a demo, and how to get an agent.

Part 3 - Create

In this part of the book you will get concrete advice to help you make your career dream come true.

    Chapter 11.  Make a Plan
    How to set your career goals and motivate yourself to take action

    Chapter 12.  Make a Move
    How to find dream jobs the traditional way (and how to stand out among hundreds of applicants for an advertised dream job)

    Chapter 13.  Make Friends
    How to find dream jobs through word of mouth with advice on networking and mentoring

    Chapter 14.  Make It Happen
    How to create a dream job with an employer or by starting your own business

Dream Careers authors Tag and Catherine Goulet are the leading experts on how to break into a dream career. Founders of FabJob.com, they have been featured in media from ABC to Oprah.com and Woman's Day to the Wall Street Journal online. As dream jobs experts, their career advice appears frequently in newspapers throughout North America and online at AOL.com, CNN.com, and MSN.com. 
"Are you unhappy at work? Want more out of life? Read this book and start on your journey towards your ideal dream job!"
 -  Patrick Snow
     Author of Creating Your Own Destiny
Shortly after it was published, Dream Careers ranked # 1 in career and business books at Amazon.com. Although still available at Amazon, we recommend you order Dream Careers through FabJob.com because, in addition to a print book, you will also receive an e-book version which you can download immediately.

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364 pages

Availability: You can have the e-book within minutes. Ordering is fast, easy, and safe. 

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Dream Jobs in the Book

Dream Jobs for Entertainers
Film Crew Member
Motivational Speaker
Movie Reviewer
Professional Athlete
Radio Announcer
Recording Star
Stand-up Comic
Stunt Person
Talent Agent
Talk Show Host
Television Producer
Television Reporter
Voice over Artist

Dream Jobs for Creators
Advertising Copywriter
Art Curator
Chef/Personal Chef
Children's Book Author
Event Planner
Fashion Designer
Fashion Stylist
Fiction Writer
Fine Artist
Graphic Designer
Home Stager
Interior Decorator
Jewelry Designer
Landscape Designer
Makeup Artist
Video Game Designer
Wedding Planner
Window Display Designer

Dream Jobs for Merchants
Antiques/Collectibles Dealer
Bed and Breakfast Owner
Bookstore Owner
Coffee House Owner
Restaurant Owner
Secondhand Store Owner
Spa Owner
Wine Merchant

Dream Jobs for Relators
Animal Trainer
Butler/Household Manager
Clergy Person
Cruise Ship Worker
Daycare Owner 
Doula (childbirth assistant)
Flight Attendant
Funeral Director
Life Coach
Massage Therapist
Personal Assistant
Personal Shopper
Personal Trainer
Real Estate Agent
Rescue Worker (Firefighter/
Paramedic/Police Officer)
Sports Instructor
(Golf/Martial Arts/Ski etc.)
Travel Consultant
Veterinary Assistant
Yoga/Pilates Instructor

Dream Jobs for Brains
FBI Agent/Secret Agent
Financial Planner
Food Writer
Forensic Specialist
Mystery Shopper
Private Investigator
Professional Organizer
Stock Broker or Trader
Travel Writer
Treasure Hunter
Web Developer/Designer

Dream Jobs for Movers
Business Consultant
Congressional Aide
Ethics Officer
Etiquette Consultant
Human Resources Specialist
Image Consultant
Legal Assistant
Public Relations Consultant
Sports Agent

PLUS The fabulous career advice in Dream Careers can be used to help you land any other career that you dream of. If there is any chance that you will be changing careers or looking for a job, you will find valuable information in this helpful book. 

Good for the over 50 age group as well.
"I read this book eagerly. I have been struggling to find a job suitable to my experience. I am not one of those baby boomers who are retiring. I need to work till I am 65. Ageism abounds in the workplace. This book offered me new insights to continue on, dream my job. I will never take a junk job again. Its upward and up for me. Thank you for the new motivation."
 - Debbie Mcdonald

Helps turn your career dreams into reality
"If you've been dreaming of a new career, you have to read this book! The dream career experts at FabJob have created a powerful book that will get you moving toward a more fulfilling career. The insightful exercises and specific break-in strategies make this book incredibly useful and truly unique."
 - Kelly Kirkendoll-Shafer

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Dream Careers: How to Quickly Break Into a Fab Job! describes 101 dream jobs and gives step-by-step advice to help you find a dream job, including: finding dream jobs the traditional way, finding dream jobs through word of mouth, and creating a dream job.