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Become a Personal Shopper

Imagine having an exciting high-paying job that lets you use your creativity while getting paid to shop. Welcome to the world of personal shopping!

Although shopping is North America's favorite leisure activity, in our busy society an increasing number of people need to hire someone to do their shopping. As a result, personal shoppers are more in demand than ever before.

There are few jobs that offer so many benefits. As a personal shopper, you will have a job that is fun, interesting, and rewarding. If you start your own personal shopping business you will enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

You could specialize in shopping for gifts or clothing, or you might shop for food, furniture, jewelry, toys, or anything else a client wants. Here are some of the types of shopping done by personal shoppers. Which ones can you imagine yourself doing?

  • Taking care of shopping for busy families
  • Shopping for designer clothing, home furnishings, and other items for wealthy people
  • Finding the perfect gifts for companies to give to their important clients
  • Buying groceries and other items for senior citizens and other people who find it difficult to get around
  • Buying Christmas presents
  • Selecting gifts for other special occasions such as:
    • anniversaries
    • new baby
    • bar mitzvahs
    • birthdays
    • get well
    • graduations
    • retirements
    • Valentine's Day
    • weddings
  • Working as a personal shopper for a boutique, department store, or shopping center
  • Being hired by busy executives to buy gifts for their employees or family
  • Preparing gift bags for special events such as awards shows and conferences

As long as you have the desire, you can become a personal shopper. No special education or experience is necessary to break into this career and succeed. You can become a personal shopper immediately.

If you would like to be paid to shop, the FabJob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper is for you! In this e-book you will discover how you can get started and succeed in the exciting career of personal shopping. 

The contributors to this guide are Laura Harrison McBride, a veteran shopper who has written about shopping for daily newspapers, and Peter J. Gallanis, former associate editor of a leading fashion retail magazine. In this guide they share insider tips and expert advice from industry experts including the Vice-President responsible for hiring personal shoppers for Saks Fifth Avenue, and personal shoppers who are earning more than $100,000 per year with their own personal shopping business.

The guide covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to get hired as a personal shopper, including:

Getting Ready to Become a Personal Shopper

  • The skills employers and clients are looking for in a personal shopper, and how you can develop them
  • How you can get insider knowledge of products and trends
  • The best educational programs for learning personal shopper skills
  • Ways to teach yourself personal shopping
  • How to quickly get experience as a personal shopper through volunteer work
  • Step-by-step instructions for doing personal shopping (from identifying a client's needs to finding the best products)
Getting a Job as a Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are employed by some of the finest retail companies in North America, including Bloomingdale's, Holt Renfrew, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co. and others.

  • How to make your resume and cover letter stand out in the crowd (includes samples)
  • Discover who employs personal shoppers and the best ways to contact them, including:
    • Boutiques
    • Department Stores
    • Shopping Centers
    • Other Employers
  • Where personal shopper job openings are advertised
  • Insider tips on what employers who hire personal shoppers are looking for
  • How to dress and what to do in an interview for a personal shopper job
Starting Your Own Personal Shopper Business
  • How to start a personal shopping business with little or no money
  • Links to the information you need about the "business" side of things (permits, insurance, etc.)
  • How to set up your office
  • Pricing your personal shopping services
  • Identifying potential personal shopping clients (including individuals, businesses, etc.)
  • How to market yourself effectively as a personal shopper
  • How to find and choose the best vendors (retail stores, manufacturers of gifts, etc.)
  • How to get up to a 50% discount on your purchases
  • How to do a client consultation
PLUS, you will discover:
  • How to get stores to give you items on approval (so your clients can see merchandise before purchasing)
  • How to prevent purchasing disasters
  • Valuable resources that some personal shoppers take years to discover
  • Samples of everything you need to launch your career as a personal shopper, including:
    • Sample resume for a personal shopper job
    • Sample of what to say when talking to a prospective client
    • Sample list of questions to ask vendors
    • Sample list of questions to ask new clients
    • Sample client information
    • Sample invoice
    • Sample personal shopper contract
  • And more! (including free updates)

The information in this guide can save you many hours of research time. In addition to valuable advice, you will find the best personal shopping resources gathered for you in one place.

You can have all this and more for an incredible special price. People pay hundreds of dollars for courses on purchasing. The FabJob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper contains some of the best career advice you could get from other sources, plus much more

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You will earn back much more than the price of the guide with your very first personal shopper job. And with this guide you can get hired as a personal shopper much more quickly.

If you believe you deserve to have the career of your dreams, this personal shopper guide is for you. It gives you what you need to know to become a personal shopper.

Don't miss the opportunity to have the career of your dreams. If you are undecided, take advantage of our guarantee. Buy it, read it, and if you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded. 

Ordering is fast, easy and safe. You will receive your e-book within minutes (or you can arrange for an e-book to be sent as a gift to someone else on the date of your choice).

An e-book is an electronic book which you can immediately read on your computer. It includes photos and you can adjust the type size to make it as pleasant to read as possible. You can also print a copy from your own computer. donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each guide to planting trees and protecting the world's rain forests.

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Satisfaction guarantee: We are so confident that the personal shopper guide can help you achieve your dreams, we will give you a refund if you decide within 30 days of purchase that you are not satisfied with the information contained in the guide. Become a personal shopper now. is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Publishers - Book in Calgary AB


197 pages 

Availability: You can have the e-book within minutes. Ordering is fast, easy, and safe.
We have a limited number of copies of the current edition of a 2-in-1 print book and CD-ROM set (includes sample forms, contracts, and more). The previous edition sold out, so order today to avoid disappointment. was featured in Woman's World Magazine ("Land Your Dream Job" article).

"Being a personal shopper is rewarding in so many ways. It is an exciting, ever-changing business that offers lots of fun and excellent money."
- Laura Harrison McBride
Shopper and author

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your site is. It has changed my life. I thought owning my own business was just a dream but you have made it a reality. I just moved to Las Vegas and open my own image consultant/ personal shopping business. I bought both of your guides (on image consulting and personal shopping) and put my business together. Now I have my own business and am very busy doing what I love. Thanks again."
- Kimberly Haro
Las Vegas, NV

"Your personal shopper guide is fabulous! I had been searching for information on how to become a personal shopper without success, so it was exciting to finally find your guide. I had never bought anything on-line before, and didn't know what to expect, but I was delighted. I love all the expert tips, and am especially grateful for all the samples I can use to start my own business. THANK YOU!"
- Elizabeth Davis
Seattle, WA

"I recently purchased the FabJob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper (and the FabJob Guide to Become an Image Consultant). The information contained in the books has been very helpful to me and I have enjoyed reading them. The authors of these books took their time and have produced very good products. I have recommended these books to my friends and they love them also. "
Nikkie Hilliard,

Upper Marlboro, MD

"Like to shop? Wish you could do it for a living? Don't let your talents go to waste - learn to earn by shopping for others. The FabJob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper makes it easy to fine-tune your shopping savvy into making the grade as a professional. Interesting chapters discuss how to spot fashion trends, how to present yourself, how to find clients and help them define their needs. One thing I like about the FabJob books are the depth of information they provide to making a change to new careers. They provide actual samples you can use as templates."
- Jill Florio, Editor
Bella Online

"I have just finished reading the FabJob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper and it really has helped me to break into this job. Although most of the information is for North American residents it has given me valuable career advice in order to start a business in my own country. Thanks a lot!"
- Dolores González Warcalde
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"This first class guide helped me identify, step-by-step, how to develop a glamorous personal shopping career. Simply excellent!"
- Beatriz Ocanto
Barcelona, Spain

"Your Personal Shopper guide is clear and well done. It's full of good advice and useful information. It's interesting to know all the different possibilities about how to do the job, be employed, or have our own business. I planned to do this job because I like shopping but I realized that it was important to chose a speciality like fashion, food, interior design, etc. Thank you for this fabulous guide."
- Regine Hervy
Toronto, ON

"I've been lucky to come across the FabJob guide to becoming a Personal Shopper. It has helped me immensely in defining my path and approach to starting my own business. Not only does it provide great hands-on insight, but it also excels in creating a greater awareness of all the aspects one should be thinking of while running a business. A complete manual to guide you through the smallest of details, offering a personalized window on dealing with costumers, how to effectively approach them and introduce yourself, taking orders, dealing with vendors and so forth. Can't wait to get started, now that I know which steps to take. I would advise anyone who's planning to follow their dream career on getting the required help from a FabJob Guide!"
- Sara Capela
Mumbai, India

"Become a Personal Shopper has been the best and the most encouraging self help book I have read! I had aspirations 30 years ago on becoming a Personal Shopper, and did so for my friends long before I was aware of how I could turn this into my dream job. This is where your book comes into play! WOW. Do I love this book! It was all I could do to put it down. I could not get enough of it. I have read many chapters over and over. My own business is just beginning and I can't say thank you enough for the fantastic help you have given me. I remain a fan and have even seen the next FabJob book I intend to buy."
- Susan Robertson
St. Thomas, ON

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This FabJob Guide has been featured in stories at The Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine sites


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